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Programs, Class Schedules & Tuition

Methodist Nursery School offers a play-based preschool program during the school year for children ages 2-5.  There are various options designed to meet the needs of children and families, including a summer and winter break program.


2-year old Program:

Two year-old children are curious to learn all about the world around them!  Much of their learning is achieved through their sensory system.  Children in this class will have multiple opportunities each day to explore the various materials.

  • T & F 9:30-11:45am – 1 class – 8 children 
  • 2’s Tuition: $3,700

3-year old Program:

Three year-old programs focus on developing the child’s awareness of themselves and others, and how to participate in a classroom environment. Three year old children will begin to develop social relationships, and our teachers are close by to support this development!

  • M, W, Th 9:00-noon – 1 class – 12 students
  • M, W, Th 9:00-noon – 1 class 14 students
  • 3’s Tuition: $4,200

4-year old Program:

Four year-olds are completely social beings! We want them to think critically, and develop the ability to problem-solve. We want our four year olds to look carefully at the world around them, make and test hypotheses, and become able to collect and analyze data. Language arts, mathematics, the sciences, and the creative arts are all included in these classes.

  • 3 Day 4’s – T, W, F  9:15am-12:45pm – 1 class – 12 students
  • 3 Day 4’s Tuition: $4,350
  • 4 Day 4’s – M, T, Th, F 9:00-noon – 1 class – 20 students
  • 4 Day 4’s Tuition: $5,100

Pre-K Program:

Pre-K students generally “turn 5” by Dec. 31st.  This class is specifically designed for those children who need more time to practice both their social skills, and their skills at conflict resolution and compromise.  Several components of a student’s day mirror a developmentally appropriate Kindergarten program.

  • M-F 9:15am-1:30pm – 1 class – 19 students
  • Pre-K Tuition: $6,950



Music & Movement (all age groups)

This program is held during the winter months for all students at no additional charge.

Field Trips and Walks (4-year old and Pre-K classes)

Trips with the 4 and 5 year olds are taken throughout the year, depending on the children’s interests and available facilities.  Through these trips much about one’s environment is learned.  There is no additional fee for field trips. Parents drive on these trips.

After-School Programs

  • Stay and Play
    This program is offered to our three year-old students, and begins in October. The children will have lunch, listen to a story, and play – both indoors and out.
  • Enrichment
    This program is for our 4 year-old students, and is designed to offer experiences that are different from, yet compliment, their classroom experiences. This program begins in October.

Summer Program

The Summer Program runs in June. Many activities are planned to include creative and dramatic arts, music, science, nature, and water play experiences. Our Summer Program is held exclusively outdoors, weather permitting.  Children may come M-F from 9-noon.  The Summer Program is designed for children 3 to 5 years of age. Previous preschool or group setting experience is required.

Winter Playgroup

The Winter Playgroup may be offered in December. Children are grouped by age and will be grouped with children from other classes in their age group.

Enrollment and Admission

To download the enrollment package or to learn more about our admission policy, please click here.

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