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Hulafrog’s Most Loved Preschool

“As a mother of a former Methodist student, It just makes me feel so good that there are places like Methodist still around. This school is a place where the children come first, where learning is an organic process and teachers gently guide children in making discoveries about the world and themselves through many mediums: play, building, making art, moving their bodies, making music, and pretending. My son, who is now in kindergarten, still talks about his “favorite” school, and how much he misses it. This is truly a spectacular school.”

“MNS provides such a great foundation for my kids’ love of learning and school.”

“The most professional and knowledgeable preschool staff around!”

The level of commitment of the Director and teachers is extraordinary!”

MNS is like nursery school in 3-D! Everything is well thought out and planned to meet the child’s needs.”

The social skills my daughter is learning will help develop confidence in the coming years.”

The exposure to a wide variety of activities will spark the child’s imagination in ways we might not be able to (or want to) at home.”


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Kathy Gilbert - Director