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Programs, Class Schedules & Tuition


2-year old Program:

Two year-old children are curious to learn all about the world around them! Much of their learning is achieved through their sensory system. Children in this class will have multiple opportunities each day to explore the various materials. Classroom routine is built around a predictable schedule.

  • 2 days, 9:15am-11:45am  – 8 children 
  • 2’s Tuition: $4,500

3-year old Program:

Three year-old programs focus on developing the child’s awareness of themselves and others, and how to participate in a group. We continue to encourage the development of the whole child while fostering a sense of independence and self-control. Three year old children will begin to develop social relationships, and our teachers are close by to support this development!

  • 3 days,  9:00am-12noon – 12 students
  • 3’s Tuition: $5,250

4-year old Program:

Four year-olds are completely social beings and will have many opportunities to practice with conflict resolution and negotiation. We want children to think critically and develop the ability to problem-solve. We want our four year olds to look carefully at the world around them, make & test hypotheses, and become able to collect and analyze data. Language arts, mathematics, the sciences, and the creative arts are all included in these classes.

  • 4 Day 4’s – M, T, Th, F 9:00am-12:30pm – 20 students
  • 4 Day 4’s Tuition: $6,860

Pre-K Program:

Pre-K students generally “turn 5” by Dec. 31st.  This class is specifically designed for those children who need more time to practice both their social skills and their skills at conflict resolution, compromise and self-regulation. Pre-reading and math skills are introduced at morning meeting and practiced through their play experiences. Children will also learn new concepts in science and have lots of time to explore & investigate.

  • M-F 9:15am-1:30pm – 19 students
  • Pre-K Tuition: $8,500



We have a science teacher who works with the 4’s and Pre-K classes to enrich their science curriculum.  She meets with each class twice a week. Some of the topics covered include physics, magnetism, water cycle, electricity: static & circuitry, animal behaviors, seasons & natural sciences.

Extended Day / Stay & Play

Our Enrichment program meets until 2pm on specific days during the week and is designed to offer experiences that are different from ordinary classroom activities.  In addition, this is an opportunity for children to expand their social world by having more opportunities for play with a wider variety of children.  This program is offered to our 3 and 4 year olds.  It begins in October and runs through May. There is an additional fee for this program.

Summer Playgroup

The school offers a summer playgroup, generally held for 3 weeks in June. Children need to be 3 years old to participate and are generally grouped by age.  This program is held 5 days per week from 9am-12noon.  The activities are similar to those offered during the year, but much more time is spent outdoors and there are more choices available each day.  (We offer sprinkler days, and visitor days where a magician, puppeteer & others visit).

Winter Playgroup

The school offers a winter playgroup, just prior to the winter holiday recess.  Children are grouped by age with children from other classes in their age group.  We will use the classrooms as well as the playground each day, weather permitting.

Jump Bunch 

This program is taught by a specialist who is trained in physical education.  Teachers also participate with their students so that they can incorporate the activities into their daily plans.  All children participate in this program every other week.  There is no additional fee for this program.

In-House Field Trips 

In-House Field Trips are offered throughout the year. Students learn about community helpers, animal habitats, science concepts and experiments and enjoy a variety of entertainment. Some examples are:  Fairfield Woods Library, Audubon Society and a local dentist/tooth fairy. There is no additional fee for field trips.

Enrollment and Admission

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